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About us



Value logos

Respect: Respect oneself, others and the environment.

Responsibility: To assume and commit to our duties and perform them within the spirit of discipline, and assume the consequences of our actions.

Honesty: To be trustworthy. To always act on your best character, to be on the constant search of the best outcomes for others as well as of yours.  

Loyalty: To act selflessly, being true to yourself as well as to others.

Creativity: Develop and apply critical and constructive thought, daring to explore new ideas and technologies.

Curiosity: Instill amazement for the mysteries of life that inspire an ongoing search for knowledge.

Holistic Development

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: To be an empowered, self directed, personalized educational environment.

Mission: A community that inspires passion for learning and life.


Holistic Development

At the Peterson Schools, we believe that every child is born with an innate curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. We have created a warm and caring environment where we live the Peterson Schools’ values, encourage our students’ natural talents and promote self-esteem.

Educational Philosophy 

The Peterson Schools’ main academic focus consists in promoting the skills, habits and knowledge needed to be successful in a multicultural and secular environment.

We put special emphasis on mastering information technology, which complements the academic program and gives students the tools they need to be successful in their academic and professional lives.

Intellectual Development

The core of the Peterson Schools Educational Model is developing students’ skills and capacities. It provides an innovative curriculum for the teaching-learning process. 

Digital technologies have also been incorporated to our program. This provides our students and our staff with the necessary tools to excel in their educational and professional paths.

Our grading system is based on rubrics. These are made up of projects, skills, presentations and events. Students’ success is achieved by a close collaboration between the home and the school environments.

The core competencies, developed by the student, combine knowledge, comprehension and skills.

1- Personal and Social Development.

2- Language and Communication Skills Development.

3- Mathematical and Logical Development.

4- Thought Development and World Exploration.

5- Artistic Expression and Appreciation.

6- Physical and Health Development.

Emotional Development

The Peterson Schools shape students to become outstanding citizens capable of acting responsibly towards their environment, as well as to their community. We aim to help them become citizens capable of influencing others, always in a positive way.

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