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Why Peterson?

Why Peterson? 

Today, children face  many challenges. The world is constantly changing and the pace of development is accelerating. Due to globalization, our students must deal with competition at a global scale. Providing children with the best tools to handle these challenges can make a big difference in their ability to succeed. 

Peterson Schools is the first Google Reference School in Latin America.  Besides, we have been recognized as a Google Transformation Center.

What does a global education imply today?

The Peterson Schools believe that the academic breadth and depth of the IB together with the Learner Profile, is the best possible preparation to become successful global citizens of the 21st century. 

More than 80% of Peterson Schools’ alumni have been accepted into the University of their choice.

Peterson Schools memberships and certifications vouch for our academic program level in accordance to international education standards. We are SAIS, IB, ASOMEX, and AdvancED certified.


Personalized Education: 

At the Peterson Schools, each and every child is unique. Part of our duty as educators is to identify their strengths and areas of opportunity, if any.  We provide them with individual strategies to help them excel in their academic and personal development.

Our students develop a set of skills that include teamwork, written, oral expression and the correct and ethical use of technology.  

Multicultural Environment
Our students and staff come from over 35 different countries. “We respect all, embrace each, support everyone, and hope that you are a better person for having been here”. 

Leading Edge Technology

Technology is an important part of the students’ learning process. Proper integration can effectively connect students of all learning styles, while at the same time enhance collaboration between peers and instructors. With the proper tools, teachers quickly become facilitators of knowledge, developers of digital citizenship skills, advisors of a wider curriculum and coaches of 21st century skills. 

Holistic Education

Our Educational Model includes a wide variety of subjects that enrich the students’ instruction. 


Self-esteem and Self-confidence

Students are provided with a safe and caring environment that encourages self-confidence, self-esteem and a space to build their own identities. 

Our Community

The Peterson Schools provide students with a healthy, drug-free environment. To achieve this, we conduct random drug test on our High School students. Cyber-security and anti-bullying programs are also top priorities.


Commitment to Excellence

The Peterson Schools are committed to helping students find passion in learning and life. The latest educational practices are used in teaching our students. In addition, we provide ongoing professional training programs for our staff.

Green School Program

Our programs encourage students to be consciously aware of global issues.

The Peterson Schools integrate recycling and water conservation programs. A hydroponics program certified by The Mexican Hydroponics Association is also offered. We are certified by SEMARNAT and the SEP as a Green School and as Environmental Leaders.

Montessori Preschool

The Montessori method emphasizes active learning, independence, cooperation and learning in harmony with each child’s unique pace of development (David L. Learning Theories, 2016.) This gives our students a solid academic base and develops self-esteem, self-direction and a sense of order.

Children from 3 to 6 years of age participate in the Montessori environment. They are encouraged to make choices, work in groups or individually, and are always observed by a trained guide who will help them develop a passion for learning and life.

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